Finnish regional workshop in HAAGA-HELIA CAMPUS 21.10.2019

Regional meeting in Finland was organized by our partner – AEKS.

Active European Citizen Suomi ry (AEKS) aims to cooperate with other European civil society organisations in education, culture and other fields of civil society. Their focus is promoting the well-being of citizens through education, volunteering, social innovation etc.

During the meeting with the youth we presented:

SIA4Y Project Objectives:

  • Increase the level of awareness, knowledge and ability to use the right of access to public information and support freedom of information among youth.
  • Increase the level of understanding and activity of young citizens regarding public monitoring of state institutions and local government.

SIA4Y Project Activities:

  • Round table discussions and workshops to engage youth’s views about democratic participation and access to information in partner countries.
  • Survey and data collection to reporting of prioritized transparency needs at EU level.
  • Two international conventions on good practice share and benchmarking.
  • Code of Good Practice

SIA4Y Project Problem Statement and Proposed Solution:

  • The basis of a democratic state is transparency.
  • Citizens participate directly or indirectly demanding accountability from service providers and public officials (national and EU).
  • The solutions for wider use of public information and monitoring tools should be provided by education and dissemination of relevant methodologies within the youth sector.

SIA4Y Project Example of Good Practice from Finland

  • Ohjaamo: What is it all about?
  • One-Stop Guidance Centers are places located all over Finland, where all persons under the age of 30 can receive free-of-charge assistance and support for various issues, such as applying for a job or a place in a study program.
  • The One-Stop Guidance Centers welcome you as who you are, and you can come alone, with parents or with a friend, and with or without an appointment.
  • All you need to do is find the nearest One-Stop Guidance Center and walk-in.